All 375 McLaren P1 supercars destined for production are accounted for, which means if you’re in the market for a hybrid hypercar your only option left would be the Porsche 918 Spyder. Ferrari’s LaFerrari supercar was sold out even before the car was unveiled. In fact, there was so much demand for the LaFerrari that Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo had to go through the list and only select the brand’s 499 most loyal customers. And now the P1 is sold out as well. If you're lucky, one of the car's buyers may cancel their order, but you had better hope you're at the top of the waiting list.

Porsche is yet to reveal how many of the 918 build slots for its supercar have been filled, but the last we heard the order books were still open. At $845,000 a pop, the 918 Spyder is expensive, but it's a relative bargain beside the other hybrid hypercars of the world; the McLaren P1 was priced at $1.15 million in the U.S. and the LaFerrari’s pricetag was also set higher than a $1 million. Of course, Ferrari flagships tend to rise in price over the years so you can understand why there were so many eager buyers.

McLaren started production of its P1 back in September and is building the cars at a rate of one per day. A total of 61 people are responsible for each, completing them in a 10-step process.

How the P1 will fare against its rivals remains to be seen, although it's likely neither Ferrari nor McLaren has managed to beat the 6:57 Nürburgring lap record set by Porsche with its 918 Spyder.


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