Yes, you could take a turbo boost buggy and hoon it all around a made-to-order course, or you could keep it simple, like this guy. Simple, and glorious.

All it takes is a series of back roads, a shed, a smoke bomb or two, and a handful of sparklers. Oh, and a Ferrari 288 GTO.

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The sights, the sounds, and the driving heroics here are the stuff to shame any serious car aficionado--or perhaps to inspire us to similar acts of greatness, even if the chariots of mere mortals are destined to be somewhat less Olympian.

True, it's not as slow-motion epic, or as to-the-limit insane as Ken Block's latest set of stunts. But to my mind, it's a purer, better, truer representation of what it is to be an enthusiast, a gearhead, a car geek, a hoon. But for the precious set of wheels, we could all do this.

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So sit back, kick your feet up, and enjoy at least three minutes of your Wednesday afternoon.