Ferrari is very picky about who it will afford the opportunity of purchasing its latest supercar. The newest of the mad machines is the LaFerrari, and you need a green light from the automaker before you shell out the big bucks needed to buy it.

One Filipino man hopes to add the LaFerrari to his garage... so he was forced to first buy the new F12 before he even has a shot at the LaFerrari.

The cost of a F12 Berlinetta is around $750,000 in the Philippines. That's an awful lot of money, especially when spending it doesn't ensure that this well-heeled chap will even get a chance to spend more money on the LaFerrari. Still, if you have three-quarters of a million dollars to spend on one car, then you also have enough to spend more than that on another.

The automaker apparently requires LaFerrari potentials to have at least five prancing horse-badged automobiles in their stable, and this man figured the F12 would fit the bill.

We can't feel too bad for the guy, especially considering his new purchase provides him with plenty of power. That would be 730 horsepower, to be exact, and it all screams forth from an award-winning V12 engine. We assume he takes his accountant for a spin around the block, and then proceeds to drown out his or her voice with the go pedal. That's what we'd do at least.


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