We see many replica exotics come and go, including some that could fool even an expert’s eye, but rarely do you hear of the cars’ builders getting into legal trouble, despite the obvious copyright infringements and other breaches of the law that typically go hand in hand with selling non-licensed replicas. That doesn’t mean they’ve managed to completely evade the law, however.

Back in 2012 a company producing replica kits for the Mercedes-Benz 300SL had its fibreglass replicas destroyed, and more recently an outfit in Spain producing replica Ferraris was raided by police and its staff arrested. Now a company producing replica Bentleys has been ordered to cease its operations by a judge.

Fugazzi Cars, based in St. Petersburg, Florida, was taken to court last year by Bentley, which claimed Fugazzi’s ‘Bentley Car Kit’ replicas, designed to make simple Chrysler and Ford convertibles look like a Bentley Continental GTC, infringed on its trademarks. At issue were the shape of the actual replicas, the usage of the Bentley name and usage of Bentley’s ‘B’ logo.

According to a report on Yahoo, the judge for the case has sided with Bentley, noting that the replicas infringed on the automaker’s trademark and patent designs.

Bentley is alleged to be seeking damages from Fugazzi owner Matthew McEntegart, who has filed for bankruptcy since the start of the case.

A hearing to help determine the amount of damages is scheduled for December.


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