We see numerous replica supercars come and go, including some that could fool even an expert’s eye, but rarely do you hear of the cars’ builders being busted by the cops, despite the obvious copyright infringements and other breaches of the law that typically go hand in hand with replica supercars.  

That wasn’t the case for the unscrupulous builders of these replica Ferraris, who were arrested and had the contents of their workshop in Valencia, Spain seized by the local authorities.

A total of 19 cars, most of them Ferrari F430 replicas, though some Aston Martin models were also present, were seized by police. Eight men were arrested and charged.

The cars were sold over the Internet and were priced from 40,000 euros (approximately $53,000), according to the police. There’s been no mention of what donor vehicles were used for the replicas but a Toyota engine can be seen in the image above, suggesting one of the vehicles may have been an MR2. The mid-engine Toyota is a popular choice among replica supercar builders.

The replicas themselves were made from fiberglass and featured highly detailed engine bays, the police said. We can see that Ferrari wheels and even Ferrari-labeled brake calipers were also copied.


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