UPDATE: Earlier today we brought you a story about a company called Mansory Cars (no relation to German tuner Mansory) claiming to offer replica supercars for sale, including one styled like Ferrari’s LaFerrari flagship. After receiving some accusations that the company is a scam we decided to check back with Mansory Cars but (at the time of writing) found that the company’s website had been removed.

After some further digging, we discovered that the original photo of the replica LaFerrari was not from Mansory Cars but from a company in China. The photo and others like it posted on Facebook page Prototype Zero show the LaFerrari replica under construction and in completed form. So, it appears people are producing LaFerrari replicas, but most likely not at Mansory Cars.

If our previous warnings of caution haven’t discouraged you from wanting to wire Mansory Cars a deposit for one of its promised replicas, perhaps the fact that its website has been pulled down less than 24 hours after our original story was published will. There’s also the very real matter of forgery when it comes to these types of replicas, which has led to some proprietors in the business being arrested.

Below is our original story.

If you missed out on one of the 499 LaFerrari supercars destined for production, replica versions are already available and can allegedly be had for as little $20,000—complete with Toyota Camry power!

That’s the promise of a company by the name of Mansory Cars, which claims to have facilities in California, Germany and Sweden. The company, which also appears to have a few aliases, is offering up the LaFerrari replica, or “rival” as it likes to call it, for as little as $20,000. Those interested should approach this "deal of a lifetime" with caution, however, as there are allegations that the company is nothing more than a scam, and that the products, or even the company itself, may not exist.

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If the LaFerrari isn’t to your liking, Mansory Cars says it has replicas of virtually every other modern exotic you can think of. In addition to the full Ferrari lineup, there are Bugatti, Lamborghini and McLaren models on offer. You can even order a Veneno replica, apparently.

Mansory Cars says it’s been in business since 1973, however, we’re not sure how long Mansory Cars will be around since authorities across the globe are clamping down on these types of businesses. We know Ferrari doesn’t see the cars as harmless replicas built by enthusiasts but rather forgeries—copies created with the intent to defraud. In other words, we'd advise against wiring over any cash to Mansory Cars...


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