Ford’s “Mustang Customizer” contest allowed fans to build the Mustang of their dreams on a dedicated website, then go head to head against others on Facebook to rack up points. The more points you earned, the more entries you received into a contest that could deliver your dream Mustang to your door.

Last October, Ford had pro drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. deliver the keys to a one-off Mustang GT to the first winner, James. In December, winner Terry T. received an early Christmas present in the form of a Grabber Blue Shelby GT500, courtesy of Ford.

Last month, a police officer from Lawrenceburg, Kentucky became winner number three when his chief pranked him on a traffic stop of a brand new (but oddly familiar) Mustang GT. That meant Ford had just one more Mustang to give away, and that winner was presented with her new Shelby GT500 on Valentines Day.

Ford has yet to post the fourth video, so details are still lacking. The winner was Jennifer G., and her car was also delivered by Vaughn Gittin Jr., who (thoughtfully) remembered a card and flowers, too.

From the pictures on the Ford Mustang Facebook page, it looks like Jennifer G. has two children, and it also looks like a child seat will fit in the back of a Shelby GT500. While a 662-horsepower Mustang wouldn’t be our first choice for a family hauler, it will certainly provide more entertainment value than any minivan or crossover we can name.