So far, Ford has delivered a Mustang GT and a Mustang Shelby GT500 to winners of its “Mustang Customizer” contest. To refresh your memory on the contest details, the Mustang Customizer website allowed fans to build a unique car, then throw down against others to accumulate points.

For each 1,000 points earned, entrants received a single entry into a drawing to win their specially-customized Mustang. A total of four Mustangs were up for grabs, and this latest video marks the third car (and second Mustang GT) delivered to a lucky winner.

We love the build up to this one, which features a Lawrenceburg, Kentucky police officer (the Mustang winner) being set up by the chief of his department. While on the road “testing driving new police pursuit vehicles,” the pair get a call about a possibly stolen Mustang.

The Mustang isn’t really stolen, and it turns out to be the car that Michael Corley built online. The traffic stop soon turns into a test drive for Corley and his chief, which certainly helps to break up the day.

We’ll admit to being a bit disappointed by the video, though. Since police are often associated with donuts, we’d have loved to see Officer Corley spin some fresh ones in the wet parking lot, even if it may have conveyed the wrong message to the general public.