If you’ve spent any time on the old Ford Mustang customizer site, you know how addictive it can be to build a Mustang to your very own specifications (unless you’re a Chevy guy, in which case it’s probably not addictive at all).

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As entertaining as the old Mustang customizer may have been, there was no payoff for designing a Mustang beloved by fans and by your social media contacts. That changes with the launch of a new Mustang customizer website, which will give four lucky contestants the chance to win a 2013 Ford Mustang of their own design.

And by “win,” we really mean “earn,” since creating a popular design will increase the number of entries into the contest, or more specifically, four contests set to kick off at a rate of one per month.

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The first step is building your Mustang within the allotted amount of points. Pick the right accessory, you get more points. Promote your car on social media channels and you get even more points. Win battles against other cars, and (you guessed it) you rack up more points. Lose battles, however, and you risk losing points.

For every 1,000 points you accumulate by the end of the monthly contest period, you’ll get a single entry into that month’s Mustang drawing. You can stuff the ballot box, too, by designing and entering multiple Mustangs during each contest period. The more you promote your Mustang design, the better your odds are of winning the car.

At the end of each contest, Ford promises to make every effort to build and award a  Mustang exactly as you’ve configured it, up to and including a custom 2013 Shelby GT500 model.

If your design proves especially popular, Ford may even create a special edition based on your design. In other words, not only do you get a 2013 Ford Mustang, but you get a kind of automotive immortality that few will ever know.

Interested? You’ll find complete rules and entry details on the 2013 Ford Mustang Customizer website. The first contest begins on June 18 and closes on July 15, with subsequent contests running at monthly intervals through the end of the promotion on October 7, 2012.

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