If you've ever wanted to build your own custom Ford Mustang, but haven't had the funds, time, or opportunity to do it, here's your chance. You'll have to keep the design all-digital, but you'll have to chance to put your design up against the best of the Internet.

The "battle mode" design feature uses Facebook to fight it out for the most votes, and though there's nothing to win by putting the most-favored finishing touches on your favorite Mustang (the V-6, GT, Boss 302, and Shelby GT500 are all available to tweak), you'll walk away with bragging rights.

If you like your design so much you'd like to own it in real life, Ford can do that, too. A downloadable PDF is available once you've put together your ultimate design, listing all of the parts used. You can then take that list to your Ford dealer and see how far your budget goes.

The customizer site can be found here.