Over 450,000 unique customized Mustangs have been created since Ford released its online Mustang configurator back in June, and now you'll be able to add to that tally with a downloadable app.

With dozens of customizing options, Mustang fans can create pretty much any car they want, saving it and uploading their designs to a battle mode where other fans can vote on it.

You can also save it as a desktop wallpaper for your PC, smartphone or tablet, and upload it to Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

If that isn't enough, a new drift challenge in the app allows you to select any of your custom Mustangs and race it around nine different courses. Think you can beat your friends? Prove it...

Over a quarter of a million people downloaded the first Mustang customizing app back in 2011, so you can bet this one will be popular too.

The 2013 Mustang Customizer app is available on iOS devices and Android phones and tablets, from the Apple App Store and Google Play store respectively.