Thanks to modern technology like smartphones, you no longer have to visit your dealer to configure your ideal ride. That's because new smartphone apps like the Ford Mustang Customizer let you configure a car to your exact liking all from the comfort of your home, and then, should you be interested in buying the car, have everything ready to show your dealer.

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And like the hot-selling Mustang, the Ford Motor Company’s [NYSE:F] popular Mustang Customizer app has just been renewed, allowing fans of the iconic pony car to design the car of their dreams like never before. For example, there’s a host of new colors to choose from, and then you can also play around with things like the wheels, spoilers and body panels.

And making it all look pretty is a new 3-D rendering system with improved graphics, allowing the car to be viewed from nearly every imaginable angle. You can even share some of the images on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Another new item is a dealer locator feature that, once you have completed customizing your ideal Mustang, can help identify local dealers with a similar car in stock.

And there are further updates in the pipeline. These will include a video-creation mode plus the ability to place a custom Mustang anywhere in the world via Google Streetview. These are coming later this year, along with a new interactive racing game.

The latest Ford Mustang Customizer is available as a free download from the Google Play and Apple App stores. A desktop version is set to follow.


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