Clarkson and the lads might have left the building, but the BBC has no intention of putting its cash cow franchise out to pasture, as evidenced by this new teaser shot for the digital edition of Top Gear magazine.

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While the video is light—meaning there is none—on context, there are still plenty of great shots of the Mercedes-Benz G500 4×4² concept and the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor playing in the dirt. How the two fared in the face off is explained in the magazine's print and digital editions, but it's an interesting comparison—even if we can't see anyone cross shopping the two.

Obviously, the Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] truck is far more likely to actually see off-road action. Because the Mercedes-Benz is yet to be confirmed for production, and even if it does reach customer hands it will likely spend most of its time between runs to Whole Foods and the gym and being carefully detailed with products that smell like coconut and cost more per ounce than Pappy Van Winkle. Of course, that doesn't mean doesn't mean the G500 is all show and no go.

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Watch the video to see check out some good, dirty fun.       


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