We don't know where or when, but Jeremy Clarkson will return to television with a new car show.   

The news comes by way of his Sunday column in The Times, and helpfully summarized by Britain's The Week. Whether he'll enlist Richard Hammond and James May to join him on the venture is one of the many unknowns about the project, but given that neither is under contract to the BBC, the idea of "the lads" sharing a stage again is hardly inconceivable.    

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Certainly, there's no shortage of channels and streaming services which would kill to have them. 

Along with his plans to return to the airwaves, the piece finds the bombastic presenter quite candid about his life in the wake of being fired from Top Gear, stating that "the sense of loss was enormous." Clarkson also revealed that when he punched producer Oisin Tymon, he was facing a cancer scare, having been told by his doctor that a lump on his tongue was most likely malignant. It doesn't read like plea for sympathy, but does convey another aspect of the emotional turmoil facing a man already reeling from the death of his mother and demise of his marriage.

To be sure, it's easy to imagine Clarkson's legions of detractors pouncing on a cancerous tongue as a kind of poetic justice.

Until we know more, where and when Clarkson will land is sure to be a hot topic of speculation in the automotive and entertainment worlds. But knowing that we haven't seen the last of his searing brand of commentary is welcome news.

Stay tuned for more as the story develops.


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