These days, we find ourselves asking how much is too much when it comes to product placement spots in movies and on television. When is a movie or television show nothing more than a script steered around beauty shots designed to sell product?

Based on the latest press release from Mercedes-Benz, we’re about to find out. When A Good Day To Die Hard, starring Bruce Willis, hits theaters next month, some 14 different vehicles from Mercedes will take center stage alongside Willis.

The C-Class gets plenty of screen time, along with the G-Class, the Unimog, the Sprinter, and the heavy-duty Zetros truck, meant for off-road applications (and likely unfamiliar to moviegoers in the U.S.). The Mercedes Vito makes an appearance, as do the new E-Class sedan, the G63 AMG, a GL-Class and a Maybach 57.

We’re surprised that Mercedes didn’t find a way to incorporates its latest car, the CLA, into the movie, even if it meant dubbing it in from a green screen background. We’re equally shocked that Willis’ character, John McClane, doesn’t combat evil behind the wheel of a Smart ForTwo, since that would certainly raise brand awareness.

Of the placement, Mercedes’ head of brand communication for cars, Anders Sundt Jensen, said, “We are very pleased that we were able to support the new film in the exciting "Die Hard" series with a large number of our vehicles. From the C-Class to the Zetros, the Mercedes-Benz model fleet could not be better suited to this action film with its spectacular stunts in the streets of Moscow.”

From the trailer, it looks like Mercedes-Benz isn’t the only automaker in on the action. That’s a fleet of (well placed) BMW 7 Series sedans we see in the opening sequence, so we can’t help but wonder how that sits with the film’s real star, Mercedes-Benz.