We’ve seen a lot of crazy automotive creations over the years, some of which worked and some of which didn’t. We’re no fans of the Smart ForTwo, but cram a Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle engine in a Smart and we’ll arm-wrestle you for the keys to the SmartBusa.

We’ve long lusted after cars like the Renault R5 Turbo and the Ford SHOgun, knowing full well that we weren’t crazy enough to park one in our own garage. One question that’s never crossed our minds, however, is, “what would happen if you mated a BMW Isetta micro car with a dragster?”

Fortunately for us, Bruce Weiner was so inspired by such a Hot Wheels creation that he decided to fund a real life replica for his own collection. As World Car Fans tells us, this Franken-Isetta will be up for sale on Saturday, February 16, at the RM Auctions Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum sale.

The front half of “Whatta Drag” is a 1959 BMW Isetta, modified to include the front suspension from a BMW M3, a roll cage and a single racing bucket seat. Out back, a custom tubular steel frame cradles a supercharged 502 cubic-inch Chevy V-8, bolted to a two-speed gearbox, which sends power to a single rear wheel.

That single rear wheel gets the unenviable task of translating roughly 730 horsepower into tire smoke and (eventually) forward motion. Though the car is billed as “fully functional,” the seller is clear that it’s not meant to be driven, since the “massive amount of torque created by the Chevrolet 502 motor can be dangerous if driven improperly.”

That’s a warning we’d take seriously, but we’d still love to take a few passes in the car. If it sounds like your idea of fun, RM Auctions is offering it without reserve, though the pre-auction estimate puts the selling price between $75,000 - $100,000.

That’s more than we’ve got to spend, though we suspect it might not cover the money dished out to build the car in the first place. If you want more details on how to park this particular Isetta in your garage, head on over to the RM Auctions Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum sale website.