• Microlino electric car

    Two brothers from Switzerland in 2016 presented an electric city car whose design was inspired by the iconic Isetta—right down to the front-mounted door. Called the Microlino, the car is the result of Oliver and Merlin Ouboter's desire to free up space in cities and promote environmentally friendly mobility in a way that's “fun and cool.” It seems a lot of people share this vision as the company behind the Microlino, Micro Mobility Systems, a specialist in kickboards and micro scooters, has already racked up 7,200 orders for its electric car, Reuters reported on Thursday...

  • Chinese company copies BMW Isetta
    Iconic BMW Isetta returns as a Chinese knockoff

    Chinese companies have a track record for copying other automakers. Porsches, Hondas, and even tires often have knockoff alter egos in the country. The latest digs deeper into the past, however. Eagle, a Chinese carmaker, has blatantly copied the iconic BMW Isetta, Cars News China reported Tuesday...

  • Micro Mobility Systems Microlino
    Isetta microcar reborn with electric powertrain

    Arguably the best-known microcar—basically the smallest category of car you can get—the Italian-designed 1950s-era Isetta has been reborn as an urban runabout with a 21st century electric powertrain. Switzerland's Micro Mobility Systems, which is better known for its kickboards and...

  • The 1959 BMW Isetta 'Whatta Drag' - image: RM Auctions
    Hot Wheels In Real Life: A Chevy V-8 Powered BMW Isetta Dragster

    We’ve seen a lot of crazy automotive creations over the years, some of which worked and some of which didn’t. We’re no fans of the Smart ForTwo, but cram a Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle engine in a Smart and we’ll arm-wrestle you for the keys to the SmartBusa. We’ve long...

  • 2010 toyota iq motorauthority 007
    BMW To Team Up With Toyota For Isetta?

    A new report has Toyota swapping the iQ to BMW and getting the Mini Coupe platform to use in return.

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