Earlier this week we brought you a report that BMW and Toyota were entering into a cooperative agreement on hybrid system and fuel cell technology. It comes as no surprise, then, that the Bavarian automaker has ended talks with General Motors centered around fuel-cell technology.

Automotive News Europe (subscription required) quotes BMW spokesman Alexander Bilgeri as saying, “We are still talking to GM, but no longer on the topic of fuel cells.” For a German company, that’s as close to a confirmation as you’re likely to get.

GM, on the other hand, isn’t saying much. Marc Kempe, a GM spokesman in Europe, replied with, “We have business relationships with many different manufacturers and regularly explore potential forms of cooperations. There is nothing to announce with regards to BMW.”

Talks between BMW and GM regarding fuel cell development began last December, but the viability of this relationship was recently called into question when BMW development and engine partner PSA Peugeot Citroen strengthened its own ties to GM.

On its own, that probably wasn’t enough to up cooperation between BMW and Toyota, but it was certainly one variable in the rather complex equation. A joint press conference between BMW and Toyota has been scheduled for Friday, June 29, so expect a formal announcement and further details in the very near future.