Last year, the Chevrolet Camaro outsold the Ford Mustang by nearly 18,000 units. Given that Mustang sales are waning while Camaro sales are on the rise, and given that an all-new Mustang is expected for 2014, perhaps the least-expected action from Ford would be a price increase on 2013 models.

Yet a price increase for most 2013 Mustang variants is exactly what’s in the cards. First, the good news: Mustangs Daily is reporting that the starting price for a base Mustang V-6 coupe remains at $22,995, as does the $26,995 starting price for a Mustang V-6 premium coupe.

The same holds true for V-6-powered convertibles, which retain their 2012 pricing. A base V-6 convertible starts at $27,995, while a premium V-6 convertible begins at $31,995.

The Mustang GT and Boss 302 models, however, are a different story. The least expensive Mustang GT coupe now begins at $31,095, up by $1,100 from last year’s starting price of $29,995. Mustang GT premium models are the better buy, since their price only increases to $35,095, up $200 from last year.

Convertible Mustang GTs get more expensive, too, with base models jumping from $34,995 to $36,095 (up $1,100) and premium models rising from $38,895 to $40,095 (an increase of $1,200).

Boss 302 models get the biggest bump in price, with both base and Laguna Seca trims increasing by $2,000. The 2013 Boss 302 now starts at $42,995, while the new Laguna Seca model is priced from $49,990.

There are changes to available options and option pricing for 2013 as well. The Recaro seats, previously available in Boss 302 models only, are now available across the product range.

A “GT Track Package,” details unavailable, lists for $2,495. This may be an updated version of last year’s $1,995 Performance Package, which gave buyers the 3.31 axle ratio, limited slip differential, unique brake calipers with high-friction pads, larger front and rear stabilizer bars, unique front springs and a recalibrated stability control program.

While Ford would argue that you can still buy a base Mustang for the same price as last year, the price increase on GT models still has us scratching our heads. In any economics class we’ve ever taken, raising prices in a declining market isn’t a good way to boost sales.