Germans—and Bavarians in particular—aren’t known for their sense of humor. Oktoberfest aside, where everyone seems to be having a beer-fueled good time, Germans just don’t seem to laugh as much as other nationalities. In fact, we'd be hard pressed to name a German stand-up comedian, and couldn't identify a famous German comedic actor if our lives depended on it.

At least that's how the oft-repeated popular stereotype goes. Bavarian automaker BMW, or specifically its BMW of North America subsidiary, is having none of that, and has launched a series of humorous 30-second spots to highlight the features of its new 3-Series.

While the automaker has produced a series of six videos, only two will air in regional markets during the Super Bowl. The first, called “The Big Grab,” will run in the New York City area only, while the second, dubbed “The Close Call,” will air in Southern California.

Presumably, that means that those of us in other markets won’t see any BMW ads during the Super Bowl, a strategic error that we’d like to correct. Above and below are all six videos, which you’ll also see in rotation on,, and Hulu.