We know he has a Bugatti Veyron. And he’s also been spotted in a Rolls-Royce Ghost and probably a dozen or so Range Rovers over the years.

But X Factor judge and former American Idol personality Simon Cowell’s latest ride is probably his most remarkable yet.

The 52-year-old Brit was spotted recently driving out of a CBS parking lot in Los Angeles in a lowly Smart ForTwo (images can be seen here).

But being the multimillionaire music mogul that he is, the Smart he was driving was no ordinary urban runabout. Cowell’s Smart was a bespoke A. Kahn Design version featuring, among other upgrades, a custom set of 17-inch RSL wheels and a blacked-out paint-job.

As the founder of A. Kahn Design Afzal Kahn puts it, tuning firms and vehicle customizers for the mega-rich are facing up to what now seems to be increasingly well-established trends towards smaller, more fuel-efficient cars for personal transport.

Cowell is also reportedly worth about a half-billion dollars, which means he can easily afford pretty much anything on four wheels, so it’s interesting to see that a humble Smart is among his collection of fine, and some not-so-fine, autos. We have to say, it's impressive to see that even a D-lister like Cowell has a green conscience.


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