Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell

Bugatti's been very careful with the few hundred copies of its 987-horsepower Veyron sportscar. You can't just be a chump with $1.4 million in the bank--they check credentials, FICO scores, and future employment potential before they let one of their handcrafted machines into your hands.

There doesn't seem to be a spot-check for being a d-bag, though. While it's mostly Middle Eastern clients who own the road-scorching supercar, some celebrity Veyron owners have been spotted in the wild. Tom Cruise has been seen in one. So has the current domestic-abuse lightweight champion, Chris Brown. Count in hip-hop producer Scott Storch, too, if you actually know who he is (and from what we hear, he's actually a peach.) She can probably afford one, but Paris Hilton's closest contact is that she may have egged one.

Adding to Bugatti's D-list? Simon Cowell, the man who made Susan Boyle a household name and then sent her packing for the asylum. Cowell, spotted below in a stalker cell-phone video, has been on board with Bugatti since the brand relaunched in 2005. Cowell's reportedly worth about a half-billion dollars, which gets him above the Bugatti "poverty level" of $200 million they want to see in the bank before they let you buy one.

Mere mortals will have to find other ways behind the wheel--like our own American idols, the guys over at TheCarConnection and MotorAuthority. They drove the new targa Veyron Grand Sport and have full write-ups coming soon.