Honda has given its Insight Hybrid the four-door coupe treatment and has come away with the rather stylish and somewhat sporty Advanced Cruiser-X concept, or AC-X for short.

Set to debut at the end of this month at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, the AC-X packs the latest version of the Honda’s plug-in hybrid drivetrain as well as a few nifty features that may come our way in the near future.

The vehicle features two different drive modes: “engine” mode, which engages both the installed internal combustion engine and electric drive system for maximum performance, and “automatic” mode, which relies on a mix of the two depending on required load. Clearly, automatic mode will be the choice of drivers looking to minimize their fuel consumption.

The plug-in hybrid drivetrain itself is comprised of a 1.6-liter gasoline engine paired with an electric motor. On a single charge and with a full tank of gas, the AC-X should be able to cover more than 620 miles while returning gas mileage in excess of 100 mpg.

If all-electric is more your thing, Honda will also show its new Sports Car EV Concept, which hints at a possible zero-emission sports model on the drawing board.

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