While the Toyota Prius is racking up record sales and is soon to be joined by a plug-in hybrid variant and new Prius V MPV, Honda’s Insight battles on without so much as a whisper.

However, a facelifted version is planned and is set to be revealed at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show in less than two weeks' time.

So far all we have is this initial image, which confirms the 2012 model year update will see a new grille fitted, plus a redesigned rear spoiler meant to improve visibility through the Insight's two-part rear window in the hatch door.

The hybrid drivetrain has also been tweaked for even better gas mileage, with changes made to the CVT and a more efficient air-conditioning system installed.

On the European combined cycle the 2012 Honda Insight now returns 57 mpg. Expect a slight improvement on the current U.S. model’s 40/43 mpg city/highway EPA rating.

Some subtle changes to the Insight’s suspension have also been implemented, possibly improving ride and handling.

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