The Koenigsegg Agera R has broken no less than six world land speed records over the weekend, one of which is a 14.53 second run to 186 mph. [MotorAuthority]

The state of Texas recently announced that it was raising the speed limit in some areas to a new national high of 85 mph. [TheCarConnection]

Volkswagen has unveiled an engine that packs cylinder deactivation technology onto a four-cylinder design. [GreenCarReports]

While he officially retired in May of last year, it turns out Bob Lutz has been informally advising GM ever since but now he’s officially been given a retainer. [MotorAuthority]

Five NASCAR drivers actually rejected an opportunity to meet with President Barack Obama during a special ceremony on September 7. [TheCarConnection]

British firm Eterniti has released a new teaser and more details for its upcoming Hemera super-SUV concept. [MotorAuthority]

Electric car startup Fisker has signed a deal with BMW to use its engines in a new range-extended electric car codenamed Project Nina. [GreenCarReports]

Believe it or not, Jeep has released a Call of Duty edition Jeep--yes, we’re talking about the popular military-themed videogame--and it’s coming into showrooms for the 2012 model year. [MotorAuthority]

A reporter borrowed a 2011 Chevrolet Volt during Hurrican Irene, and thankfully both managed to survive. [GreenCarReports]

South Korean automaker Ssangyong has risen from near-death to present the rather stylish XIV-1 Concept at next week’s 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show. [MotorAuthority]