Bob Lutz with the Cadillac CTS-V

Bob Lutz with the Cadillac CTS-V

He may have his detractors, but you can’t deny that the original car czar Bob Lutz has had a major impact on the auto industry.

It appears now that Lutz’s influence will last a little while longer, as GM has announced today that its former Vice Chairman will be retained to provide counsel to the automaker’s senior leadership team.

GM’s bankruptcy notwithstanding, Lutz is credited with turning around Cadillac’s fortunes as well as helping to get the Chevrolet Volt from concept to production in relatively short time.

However, the latest announcement is also a clear sign that GM’s promise to invigorate the company with fresh new ideas and approaches is getting somewhat distorted.

The 79-year old exec will be available to executives on a part-time consultancy basis effective immediately, though he is also on advisory boards for several other firms including Lotus.

Lutz previously retired from GM in May, 2010. No details of his new remuneration package were released.