Talk of a Red Bull Racing-flavored Infiniti road car isn't new--it's been discussed by company honchos almost since the inception of Infiniti's sponsorship of the Formula One team. But today, more details from the top people at both Nissan and Red Bull have emerged.

Christian Horner, team principal of the F1 team, says, "It's a natural evolution for us to get involved in road car engineering." Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn backs up Horner's stance with more tentative language, saying there's no project currently in the works, but noting that if a Red Bull-assisted road car were to enter development, "it would be very easy to execute."

That bodes well for fans of the Japanese luxury/sports car maker, as Red Bull Racing has proved its mettle at the top-end of road course racing, dominating the 2011 season despite falling a bit off pace at this weekend's German Grand Prix.

For those that think the Infiniti sponsorship of Red Bull has thus far amounted to nothing more than sticker-engineering, remember that Red Bull is reportedly looking at use of Nissan/Infiniti battery technology for its KERS hybrid system--a move that's all the more likely for the 2014 season, as F1 cars will have to use electric power only as they traverse pit lane.

As it sits now, the most likely candidates for the Red Bull treatment are the G and M line of cars, which could be elevated to M3/M5 or C63 AMG/E 63 AMG rivaling super-sedans and coupes.


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