If you're a fan of F1, you've undoubtedly heard of Infiniti's involvement with Red Bull Racing, and seen the company's logo on the RB7's DRS wing element and on the chassis itself. But you may have wondered why it was happening at all.

We've wondered the same thing, even allowing for the brand's recent launch of its Infiniti Performance Line badge. In the video (Facebook link below), Nissan Americas Chairman Carlos Tavares explains to the company's Facebook fans exactly why it's in F1. The reason? "To express the sense of performance...To make sure we use the Formula 1 circus to raise the awareness of our brand across the different markets."

Tavares also says Infiniti's partnership with Red Bull's F1 operation is a "technical partnership," which will bring credibility to its performance cars. That little tidbit is intriguing, to say the least. What will Infiniti draw out of the F1 program? How will it apply the technology in its road cars? That, unfortunately, remains unanswered.

[Infiniti on Facebook]