Infiniti sponsors Red Bull Racing F1 team

Infiniti sponsors Red Bull Racing F1 team

The much-publicized deal between Nissan's luxury Infiniti brand and Red Bull Racing's Formula 1 effort has spawned rumors about future products, how the collaboration might impact Infiniti's range. But the speculation hasn't gone in the other direction until now.

The latest has Nissan/Infiniti's road car boffins putting their collection knowledge on the table to help Red Bull's KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) hybrid for F1 with battery tech.

Red Bull, for all its dominance this year, securing four victories and five poles from the five races held so far this year, has struggled to get and keep its KERS system in working order. The team hopes to leverage Nissan's relatively large battery research budget and quantity of data to build a better, more reliable system for its race cars, according to Christian Horner.

In return, Red Bull will be effectively stress-testing high-end prototypes in very harsh conditions for Nissan. Both racing and production cars would benefit from smaller, lighter, more efficient, more durable batteries.



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