For those who can't get enough of chatting to strangers in traffic, the experience can now be enjoyed more widely than ever with's acquisition of BumpChat.

The 'social network for your car' allows you to contact other drivers and chat to your heart's content, all the while fine-tuning the criteria you use to find other drivers by.

The app lets you select how far away you'd like to speak to others - whether in the same traffic queue as you or several miles away - or by a specific make, model and year of car, allowing you to keep in touch with other like-minded drivers. Simpler options are available too, allowing you to sort by gender and age. Of course, this also makes it a rather handy dating app...

Buying BumpChat is part of BUMP's greater plan to own as many social media community products related to your licence plate as possible, and it marks the company's fourth acquisition in just a few months, joining Plateside, Platester and YourPlates.

The app is more than about simply chatting though, according to Mitch Thrower, BUMP founder and CEO: “The acquisition is based on our vision of creating an open communications grid where users can pull into the parking lot of any mall in America and instantly receive specifically targeted coupons, discounts and benefits".

Currently available for iPhone and iPod Touch, you'll soon be able to download the BumpChat app on Android smartphones too.

So next time you're bored in traffic, why not 'bump' another driver for a chat? It may even be the start of a beautiful friendship. If they don't speed off in a cloud of tire smoke, that has to be a good thing...

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