• 2020 Toyota Supra

    The 2020 Toyota Supra will come with a four-year Apple CarPlay trial, but after that it's unknown how much the feature will cost.

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook at WWDC
    Apple patents steer-by-wire steering and suspension

    A new patent granted by the USPTO for a steer-by-wire steering and suspension looks like a component for autonomous cars.

  • Drive.AI self-driving car in Arlington, Texas
    Apple acquires self-driving tech firm

    Apple has joined the likes of General Motors, Ford and Aptiv in buying a self-driving technology startup.

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook
    Apple files more car-related patents for door assemblies, battery floor

    Apple's still patenting designs for an electric car.

  • Apple CarPlay iOS 13
    iOS 13 bringing updated Apple CarPlay to vehicles this fall

    Changes to Apple CarPlay with the release of iOS 13 this fall will include a simplified dashboard view with more information, additional information within the music and calendar apps, and expanded Siri functionality.

  • 2019 Tesla Model S
    Apple reportedly made a bid for Tesla in 2013, might still be interested

    One could argue that Tesla is viewed as the Apple of the auto industry, even though the financial performance of each company is vastly different. But with the convergence of the auto and tech industries continuing to accelerate, could there be a case for the two companies to be merged? It seems...

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook

    Apple remains quiet about any plans for self-driving cars, but it continues to file patents that clue us into what the technology company is interested in. A new patent revolves around detecting speed and behavior at a self-driving car's tires. Essentially, it's a new process that could give a self-driving car a clearer picture of how fast it is traveling and how much steering input is needed for a particular situation. Think cases where a computer calculates enough steering input to the tires for a regular corner, but in this case, snow or ice means it needs more input. Apple Insider first...

  • Apple store
    Apple hires away Tesla's powertrain chief

    Apple has poached yet another Tesla executive. The technology company has brought on Tesla's head of powertrains, Michael Schwekutsch. Schwekutsch was previously in vice president of engineering at Tesla where he oversaw electric motors, transmissions, and axles. According to his LinkedIn profile...

  • Apple’s self-driving system atop a Lexus RX - Image via MacCallister Higgins
    Second Apple engineer accused of stealing self-driving car tech secrets for China

    Following an accusation last July against an ex-Apple engineer, the FBI has arrested a second Apple employee after he allegedly tried to steal self-driving car technology secrets and leave the country. The employee is Jizhong Chen, and according to a CNBC report on Wednesday, the FBI arrested him...

  • Apple’s self-driving system atop a Lexus RX - Image via MacCallister Higgins
    Apple drops 200 staff from Project Titan self-driving car skunkworks

    Apple has let more than 200 employees go from its secretive Project Titan self-driving car operation. CNBC first reported on the move Thursday and an Apple spokesperson acknowledged the cuts in a statement to the news organization. The spokesperson said Apple will refocus on other projects and...

  • Volkswagen Group Sedric concept, 2017 Geneva auto show
    VW poaches Apple executive for self-driving car development

    Volkswagen has successfully hired former Apple executive Alexander Hitzinger to help lead self-driving technology development. His larger role is direct responsibility for technical development for commercial vehicles, and he will also lead the company's Mobility as a Service initiative, which...

  • Apple store
    Apple hires senior designer from Tesla

    Apple has once again sparked rumors it may be developing more than just self-driving car software. The California-based technology giant has hired Andrew Kim, a former senior designer at Tesla. The Verge reported on Kim's hiring on Monday and said Kim's first day at Apple was last week. Kim's...

  • VW Car-Net Siri integration

    Volkswagen owners can now tell Apple's Siri to execute a host of commands controlling their cars, including unlock and lock them. The brand announced Monday its Car-Net smartphone integration app has been updated to include Siri functions for Apple users. Users must run iOS 12 to use the handy new functions, which begin like any other Siri command by saying, "Hey, Siri." VW owners can say things like "Hey, Siri, lock my car" and also sound the horn or flash their car's lights. Although the function will work with all iOS devices, an Apple Watch will truly help make the experience all the more...

  • Apple’s self-driving system atop a Lexus RX - Image via MacCallister Higgins
    Apple's solution for energy-efficient electric cars may come from cycling

    Apple produces some intriguing patents. Their latest is for a system they call "Peloton" that could platoon self-driving electric cars for better long-range efficiency and energy sharing. The technology company's filing Tuesday with United States Patent and Trademark Office explains a wild way to...

  • Aeva lidar sensor
    Ex-Apple engineers create next-gen lidar for self-driving cars

    Lidar is an essential component of self-driving cars, and a company by the name of Aeva believes it has something breakthrough. The company's lidar system fits in a small box and creates more vivid mapping to help a self-driving car see like never before. The Verge reported Monday that Aeva is the...

  • Apple headlight system patent to detect hazards
    Apple developing headlights that highlight road hazards

    Apple has filed to patent another automotive system. This one involves headlights and provides drivers with more information to help keep them safe. Called the "System and Method for Light and Image Projection," the system imagines a few ways to give drivers a better idea of the road ahead by...

  • Apple patent for non-linear sunroof
    Apple patented haptic seats and sunroof

    Apple filed to patent more than 2,000 ideas last year, and we'll likely never see many of them reach daylight. But, automobile patents are becoming more common from the technology giant. The most recent patents, both awarded in the last couple of weeks, involve a trick sunroof and haptic-feedback...

  • Apple’s self-driving system atop a Lexus RX - Image via MacCallister Higgins
    Apple's self-driving car program sees first traffic accident

    Apple is developing self-driving technology using a fleet of nearly 60 Lexus RX 450h crossover SUVs fitted with various cameras and sensors used to guide the vehicles. One of the vehicles was involved in an accident on August 24, California's DMV confirmed in a traffic accident report, the first...

  • Apple’s self-driving system atop a Lexus RX - Image via MacCallister Higgins

    In an effort to avoid confusion on future roadways, Apple's self-driving car could notify drivers and pedestrians of its next desired action. The Cupertino, California-based technology company was granted a patent for a "system and method for visual communication of an operational status" with the United States Patent and Trade Office. First discovered by Apple Insider, the Tuesday report details how the system aims to represent a self-driving car's actions to other drivers and pedestrians. In the patent, Apple noted drivers often pick up on and look for other signals aside from standard turn...

  • Apple’s self-driving system atop a Lexus RX - Image via MacCallister Higgins
    Apple self-driving car details revealed in case against ex-employee

    Apple has been keen to keep details about its self-driving car project under tight wraps, but a criminal case against an ex-employee has outed some specifics. A criminal complaint filed by Apple against Xiaolang Zhang, the ex-employee, on Monday details a few areas Apple has worked on. According to...

  • iOS 10.3 Apple CarPlay
    Apple completely rebuilding its Maps application

    Apple knows its Maps application isn't up to snuff, and it's taking the matter seriously with a totally rebuilt app. When Maps first launched, the app used third-party data to provide the basis for the critical "maps" element of Maps, but now, Apple is taking full ownership and building the map...

  • Apple store
    Apple poaches ex-Waymo senior engineer for self-driving car technology

    Apple's Project Titan self-driving car program has stumbled over the past few years, but it may have just received a major boost. The Information reported on Friday that Apple has hired on ex-Waymo senior engineer Jaime Waydo. Waydo, according to the report, was instrumental at Google's Waymo...

  • Apple iOS12 CarPlay
    Apple's CarPlay to support 3rd party navigation apps, here comes Waze

    Apple CarPlay is a fantastic piece of tech that allows a vehicle's infotainment screen to mimic the driver's iPhone's screen, except for one glaring issue: Users can't pull up third-party navigation apps such as Waze. On Monday Apple announced that its latest iOS operating system—iOS...

  • VW MOIA ride-sharing concept car
    Report: Apple to use VW vans for first self-driving service

    Apple and the Volkswagen Group have reportedly forged a deal that will see VW's Transporter van, the modern version of the iconic Microbus, used by Apple for its first self-driving service. The news was reported on Wednesday by The New York Times which cited people familiar with the project. The...

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