While some automakers are moving away from Apple CarPlay in favor of in-built solutions, others are embracing the smartphone integration technology.

One of those embracing the technology is Porsche, which has become the first automaker to let users control some vehicle functions with Apple CarPlay. It means no longer having the inconvenience of needing to exit CarPlay's interface to adjust some vehicle settings and then returning to CarPlay to continue using the phone's apps.

Access to the My Porsche app is now possible through CarPlay, and with the app, CarPlay users can perform functions such as adjusting the audio settings, radio stations, climate control, and ambient lighting. Naturally, many of the functions can also be controlled using Apple's Siri voice assistant. Version 6.0 of Porsche's infotainment system or above is required.

Also new is a Performance Dashboard feature which CarPlay users can use to monitor performance data in real-time, such as top speed, average speed, g forces, distance traveled, and more.

Apple CarPlay iOS 14

Apple CarPlay iOS 14

Using Apple Maps in CarPlay also takes into account specific data for electric vehicles and performs optimized EV routing on trips. The EV routing takes into account the vehicle's state of charge as well as elevation changes in the journey and other factors to suggest suitable charging locations and estimated charging times.

The My Porsche app also has functionality for Apple Watch owners. Here, users can remotely access vehicle information, adjust the climate settings, and lock and unlock the vehicle.

Porsche has made additional upgrades to the My Porsche app that non-Apple users can also benefit from. These include a simplified home screen that offers greater functionality than before, thanks in part to new Quick Actions that provide direct access to frequently used features.

Closer integration of the vehicle and CarPlay is planned for a next-generation version of the smartphone integration system. It will expand beyond the infotainment screen to also include the digital gauge cluster. Porsche and Aston Martin are expected to be the first automakers offering compatibility with the system.