The crash took place in St. Petersburg, Russia

The crash took place in St. Petersburg, Russia

This is the aftermath of a crash involving a Bentley Continental GT, a soccer player’s wife and a very slippery stretch of road. Driving along a street in St. Petersburg late last week, Marina Malafeeva, the 36-year old wife of the goal keeper of Russian soccer club Zenit St Petersburg, lost control of her vehicle.

She slid at high speed into a snow embankment before flipping over and crashing through a nearby billboard and into a tree. Sadly, Malafeeva died on impact and her passenger seriously injured.

Full details are still coming in but it’s believed that the bright blue Bentley was traveling at speeds in excess of 100 mph when the crash occurred. It’s also believed that both occupants were not wearing their seatbelts and alcohol may have been involved. 

Stories like this once again highlight the important fact that high-speed driving should be reserved for track days only and not public roads, no matter your skill level behind the wheel. Check out the aftermath in the videos below.