Rumors of a Lexus sports car carrying the GS F banner have been circulating since 2010 or so, at times producing details like “it will come to market with a supercharged V-8,” or “it’s getting an all-new V-8.”

While no GS F has yet materialized, the 2011 debut of the Lexus GS 350 F Sport at least showed the luxury automaker’s intent to build a sporty sedan larger than its IS F, which may be discontinued following the 2013 model year.

While Lexus is keeping future plans under wraps, the brand has recently filed for a trademark on the GS F name, but only in the United States market. Could that mean a GS F sport sedan is in the works?

Maybe yes, maybe no, since it’s common practice for automakers to tie up names they could use, whether or not they actually do use them. On the other hand, this ties back to the rumors of the IS F’s pending demise, since building the larger GS F would (presumably) pave the way for a sporty coupe, rumored to be called the RC F.

That makes sense to us, as offering a sport coupe (reportedly based on LF-CC concept) and a sport sedan that’s slightly larger than the current IS F would round out Lexus’ product line nicely.

Will this latest move finally result in a GS F in Lexus showrooms? Only the brand’s management, engineers and product planners can definitively answer that question at the moment.