Following the warm reception for Lexus’ LF-LC 2+2 hybrid sport coupe concept, launched at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, Lexus is showing its LF-CC mid-sized coupe concept at the Paris Auto Show.

Power for the LF-CC comes from a 2.5-liter, four-cylinder engine mated to a water-cooled electric motor. The full-hybrid drivetrain is meant to deliver an optimum blend of performance and fuel economy, though Lexus isn’t publishing any specifics just yet.

In keeping with the family theme, the LF-CC shares numerous design cues with the LF-LC, including a dramatic interpretation of the now-familiar Lexus spindle grille. In the LF-CC, the grille mesh is offset by a metallic surround, giving it more of a three-dimensional effect.

Headlights feature a unique three-LED projector design, while separate daytime running lights are integrated into the upper bumper. Lower front fenders, along with the front fascia, are shaped to increase airflow (as well as giving the LF-CC its distinctive appearance).

From the side, the LF-CC presents a steeply-raked windshield and a roof that crests towards the rear of the car, in order to emphasize the LF-CC’s rear-drive layout. In the rear, the LF-CC ‘s wide bumper is meant to further accentuate the car’s athletic stance.

Inside, the cabin is meant to represent the “progressive luxury” of future Lexus models, with a dashboard that’s divided into a “Display Zone” and an “Operation Zone.” Enhancing the sporty nature of the car, the driver sits low in the cockpit and benefits from a sport steering wheel and optimized pedal placement.

Not only does the LF-CC gives us an indication of the design direction for the next Lexus IS, word is that the stylish hybrid coupe has already been approved for production.