Ahh, Florida, how can we thank you enough for providing the weird and wacky happenings you so often deliver? The latest to come from the Sunshine State: a BMW driver busted for equipping his vehicle--what looks to be an early-2000s 5-series from the very brief video--with an option definitely not offered by the factory: four bricks of marijuana in the airbag compartment.

Tampa potheads will be cursing the discovery, prompted by a sharp-nosed officer with a K-9 drug-sniffing dog, which has taken around 4.5 pounds of the haze-inducing drug off the market. The Miami duo arrested for the too-smug smuggling maneuver were headed to the cross-state bay city with their payload.

The reason for the stop in the first place? The driver of the BMW was following too closely. Classic.

Catch the silent video/slideshow at the link below.

[NBC Miami]