• AJ Allmendinger. Photo: Todd Warshaw/Getty Images for NASCAR

    Suspended indefinitely on July 24 after testing positive for amphetamines--allegedly taken unwittingly in a pill offered by a friend--AJ Allmendinger is once again eligible to race in NASCAR, and, presumably other series as well. Allmendinger's suspension came as something of a shock to most of the NASCAR world, and seemingly most of all to Allmendinger himself. Nonetheless, he has taken the setback with grace, and is now looking to apply himself to the task of finding a seat in a race car. Two months in NASCAR's "Road to Recovery" program have convinced officials that Allmendinger is clean...

  • Wrong-way driver in Washington scares traffic
    Drunk, High Woman Drives 100 MPH The Wrong Way On Interstate--For 18 Miles

    Drugs, alcohol, and cars are equivalent to a "bullet" fired out of a gun, according to these news reporters. And for once, they're not being excessively sensationalist: A woman in Washington state took to the streets fueled by booze and prescription pills. The problem was, she was going more than...

  • 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS Indianapolis 500 Pace Car
    Drugged-Up Driver Wrecks 2010 Camaro

    Tony Deloach wrecked his yellow 2010 Camaro in Columbus, Mississippi, recently, and he declared himself under the influence of cocaine before attempting to flee. Police caught the coked-up Camaro driver soon after. Jalopnik has all the sordid details, and the story is a doozy. All we'll say is the...

  • 2000 BMW 5-series
    BMW Driver Busted With Bricks Of Pot In Airbag Compartment

    Ahh, Florida, how can we thank you enough for providing the weird and wacky happenings you so often deliver? The latest to come from the Sunshine State: a BMW driver busted for equipping his vehicle--what looks to be an early-2000s 5-series from the very brief video--with an option definitely not...

  • George Michael
    Whammer In The Slammer: George Michael Gets Jail Time For Driving While High As A Kite

    You know how it goes: you're at a party having a couple of brews, then you utter a few careless whispers, things get a little too funky, and -- boom -- next thing you know, you're slumped across the leather seat of a Range Rover, being roughed up by policemen. (Not in the good way.) We've all been...

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