Drugs, alcohol, and cars are equivalent to a "bullet" fired out of a gun, according to these news reporters. And for once, they're not being excessively sensationalist: A woman in Washington state took to the streets fueled by booze and prescription pills. The problem was, she was going more than 100 mph the wrong way on Interstate 5--and she kept going for 18 miles.

State troopers eventually caught up with the woman, forcing her to stop. Shen they arrested her, she registered a blood alcohol level "above the legal limit" of 0.08, according to KVAL.com and KOMO 4 news.

Adding drama to the event are audio recordings from callers to 911 relayed in the video below. Pamela Drawsby, 60-year-old woman allegedly at the wheel of the drug-fueled daredevil drive, hasn't released any comment on the matter.

Whatever your take on this particular incident, it serves as a good reminder that prescription pills aren't always safe for the road, and mixing them with alcohol can make things even worse. It's also a great reminder to stay alert out there. You never know when your grandma will try to kill you in an unlikely vehicle.