Drunk Driving

  • Breathometer smartphone breathalyzer

    A new device can turn a smartphone into a breathalyzer, but is that a good idea?

  • 2010 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
    Tampa Bay Bucs' Eric Wright Wrecks SLS AMG, Gets Arrested For Felony DUI

    Making tons of money for being really good at what you do is one of the natural rewards of living in the U.S., especially if what you do is play NFL football. Unfortunately, buying and wrecking expensive sports cars while under the influence is increasingly becoming one of the natural rewards as...

  • Breathalyzer ignition interlock
    France Decrees Mandatory Breathalyzers In All Cars By July 1

    It's hard to believe that a nation of amateur oenologists would take such a drastic measure, but France has instituted a new rule requiring breathalyzers in all motor vehicles (except mopeds) as of July 1, 2012. The reason for the rule (which can be found, in French, at the Legifrance database) is...

  • Wrong-way driver in Washington scares traffic
    Drunk, High Woman Drives 100 MPH The Wrong Way On Interstate--For 18 Miles

    Drugs, alcohol, and cars are equivalent to a "bullet" fired out of a gun, according to these news reporters. And for once, they're not being excessively sensationalist: A woman in Washington state took to the streets fueled by booze and prescription pills. The problem was, she was going more than...

  • Corvette destroyed by drunk driver.  Image: Chevy Ruben
    Drunk Driver Commits Corvette-icide At Miami Area Chevy Dealer

    A drink driver plowed into a line of new Corvette Grand Sport models at a Miami area Chevy dealer, destroying several.

  • Al Unser Jr. practicing for the 2007 Indy 500. Photo via Royalbroil/CC2.0
    Indy 500 Winner Al Unser Jr. Arrested For Street Racing While Drunk

    Racing drivers, for all their other talents and skills, are often a rather dramatic bunch. Sometimes, that drama extends throughout their personal lives, as has been the case with Al Unser Jr. The latest of his escapades involves street racing his Suburban while allegedly intoxicated. Unser Jr. has...

  • 2011 Corvette Grand Sport destroyed in horrific DUI crash. Image: News10

    A California woman received a painful reminder on the perils of drinking and driving when she cut a Pontiac Bonneville in half with her Corvette, receiving serious injuries in the process.

  • 2012 MINI John Cooper Works Coupe
    Drunk Dunn Done, MINI Coupe Revealed, MyFord Touch Bombs: The Week In Reverse

    Ryan Dunn's death in an alcohol-addled 130-mph Porsche 911 GT3 wreck shines a light on drunk driving dangers. [MotorAuthority] The 2012 MINI Cooper Coupe gets its official unveiling, complete with John Cooper Works trim. [MotorAuthority] Britney Spears flashes something new in her latest video--the...

  • Field sobriety test
    Unloaded: Apple Bans DUI Sobriety Checkpoint Apps

    Drunk drivers who think they can evade the law by looking to certain smartphone apps might suddenly find a roadblock after all. Apple has followed up its big iCloud news earlier this week with some revised guidelines for its App Store—and one of the most noteworthy changes is a crackdown on...

  • Rick Springfield mug shot, May 2011
    This Week In DUIs: Rick Springfield Isn't So Hard To Hold (In Jail)

    First, they called him Bruce, now they call him jailbird: the former pop star and soap star known as Rick Springfield was pulled over in Malibu, California Monday night and hauled in for driving under the influence. Law enforcement agents saw Springfield speeding down the Pacific Coast Highway...

  • Beer
    In-App-ropriate? DUI Checkpoint Apps Get The Red Light

    With more than 10,000 Americans dying every year in DUI-related car accidents, you might think it poor taste that you can download DUI checkpoint warning applications for Apple and Blackberry cell phones. You'd not be alone, either. Four U.S. senators are asking Apple, Google and Research In...

  • Stefano Langone
    American Idol's Stefano Langone, Nearly Killed By Drunk Driver, Has DUI Of His Own

    We're not going to sit here and pretend to hang on every word that drops from the mouths of American Idol contestants. We're not even going to pretend that we've watched a full episode of the show. But when it comes to competitors hiding portions of their past...well, we're all ears. During his...

  • Christina Aguilera

    Christina Aguilera always seemed like the good girl (well, you know, as good as any girl can be in a corset and six-inch Louboutins). While her comrade, Britney, was busy getting married and unmarried and shaved bald, Christina was recording solos and duets and not wedding her backup dancers. But Aguilera may have finally hit her breaking point: last night, she was hauled out of a car and into the West Hollywood Sheriff's Station on charges of public drunkenness. Of course, Xtina has had her share of troubles -- mostly with dubious personal assistants and what might be the very, very early...

  • Russian drunk driver meets street justice
    Video: Russian Drunk Driver Rampages, Gets Beaten

    The only innocent bystander in this video is an unfortunate Porsche Cayenne, but the not-so-innocent bystanders are our heroes of the day for handing this Russian drunk driver the re-education he clearly needs. We're not typically fans of vigilante justice, but sometimes stupidity requires a...

  • Gary Collins
    Gary Collins Strikes Again: Now Wanted For 'Driving Into The Back Of A Woman'

    Gary Collins' reign of terror continues! The former TV regular and human driving hazard -- better known to Southerners as Mr. Mary Ann Mobley -- is now wanted for hit-and-run in Jackson, Mississippi. According to a report in Jackson's Clarion-Ledger, Collins is accused of leaving the scene of an...

  • George Michael
    George Michael And The Gaoler

    So, George Michael: Britain's death-wishy answer to Whitney Houston, Britney Spears, and Kevin Spacey. He's like the holiday turducken no one wants to eat. This photo says it all, right? We think it was taken the night that he crashed his Land Rover through the front window of a photo shop. (Side...

  • Lindsay Lohan
    Lindsay Lohan's Triumphant Return To Acting

    This, people -- this is the face of DUI. The scrunched-up, self-tanned, high-brought-low, comeuppance-enhanced face of DUI. A simulated re-enactment of the Lohan's just-wrapped trial: Lindsay Lohan: What? What did that bitch say? Lawyerlady: That "bitch" is your judge, and she just sent you to jail...

  • Chris Klein
    Chris Klein Drives Drunk. But Then, What Else Has He Got To Do?

    This is probably not Chris Klein's mugshot -- a mugshot that will likely hit the interwebs soon, since Klein was arrested on Wednesday morning for driving under the influence. On the other hand, we tend to make this same face when we're surrounded by body shots and fuzzy navels, so maybe this is...

  • January Jones

    Linked is a photo of January Jones exiting a cab on June 9, apparently making the final, wobbly steps of a long Walk of Shame. (Never mind the fact that every walk in public has been a shameful one for Jones since since she hosted SNL. Seriously, there are not words to describe that kind of terribleness.) January's plowing streak continued on June 10, when she skipped the cab service, drove herself around LA, and rammed three parked cars with her Range Rover. Oh yes: and then she fled the scene. Witnesses say they could smell alcohol on Jones' breath when she ran the half-block home --...

  • mock DUI crash
  • Stephanie Pratt
    Stephanie Pratt Gets A New Ride And A Court Date For DUI

    Remember Stephanie Pratt?* She's the younger sister of Spencer Pratt who was arrested in LA after partying slightly too hard a couple of weeks ago? Blonde celebutante famous for nothing other than showing up occasionally on The Hills? Ring a bell? Anyway, Stephanie posted bail, headed home, and...

  • Dennis Quaid
    Dennis Quaid Dodges DUI In Cadillac Escalade

    Here's how drunk driving works for most people: 1. Wake up. 2. Brush teeth, hair. 3. Put on least wrinkled clothes. 4. Head to favorite watering hole. Order drink. 5. Consume. 6. Repeat steps #4 and #5 until everyone in said watering hole looks like a potential bedmate for the evening. 7. Stumble...

  • Stephanie Pratt
    Stephanie Pratt's DUI Is Ratings Gold For Them There Hills

    We are SO SORRY that we pay so much attention to these people, but Sophia Loren hasn't done anything stupid in a car in a really long time. She knows better, obvs.

  • DriveAssist
    Text messaging deemed more dangerous than alcohol or cannabis behind the wheel

    While driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs has long been demonized by safety groups and the government, it turns out a much more dangerous vice is lurking on our roads - text messaging. Research carried out by the UK's Transport Research Laboratory confirms what common sense tells us -...

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