Stephanie Pratt

Stephanie Pratt

Oh noes: another star of The Hills is on the news for being stupid! Thankfully it's not one of the usual annoying suspects -- just the slightly less annoying Speidi-in-law known as Stephanie Pratt.

Apparently, Pratt the Younger was out on Saturday night, celebrating Montag the Elder's birthday, when at 3:45am local time, she was pulled over by Los Angeles' Finest and booked with DUI. We don't know what she was driving, but she's been spotted before in a BMW X5,  so we're gonna go with that -- although it could just as easily have been a Range Rover, a Bentley GTC, a Toyota Prius, a G-Wagen, or a Mercedes-Benz SL, given her celebrity profile (i.e. spoiled blonde Pratt brat).

And of course, it wouldn't be a Hills moment without a heavy dose of irony. Earlier on Saturday, Stephanie received word that one of her friends had been killed in a road accident, and she told E! News that she was all about safe driving as a result: "I got bad news this morning. A friend passed away in a car accident, so everyone needs to drive safe." We have nothing but condolences for the family of her friend, but we wish Stephanie would consider practicing what she preaches.

Don't worry, Hills fans: Pratt Junior was out of the Big House way before brunch; heck, she barely had enough time for the requisite sexual experimentation. We expect full details soon, since we're pretty sure the arrest was captured on video -- video that MTV will obviously milk for all the ratings it can. It's true what they say: there IS gold in them there Hills.

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