Gary Collins' reign of terror continues! The former TV regular and human driving hazard -- better known to Southerners as Mr. Mary Ann Mobley --  is now wanted for hit-and-run in Jackson, Mississippi.

According to a report in Jackson's Clarion-Ledger, Collins is accused of leaving the scene of an accident Tuesday afternoon after "driving into the back of a woman" (which in Mississippian means "he rear-ended her vehicle"). Collins was identified by a number of people at the site, just before fleeing in a white Jeep. A warrant was issued for Collins's arrest on Tuesday, but as of last night, the po-po still hadn't apprehended him.

If you happen to see a 71-year-old actor -- possibly very drunk and/or in the company of a former Miss America -- for the love of Benjy, PLEASE DO SOMETHING. The dude has been causing mayhem on America's roadways for years. (Seriously, it takes some major 'nards to get behind the wheel at a .29 alcohol level.) Won't somebody think of the children?

[ClarionLedger via Marty]