If you’re a Chevrolet Corvette fan, we apologize for the graphic and disturbing nature of the above image, taken by “Chevy Ruben” at Tropical Chevrolet. We know of no other way to hammer home to message that driving drunk is never a good idea.

As Corvette Blogger reports, during the early morning hours of December 14, a drunk driver lost control of his vehicle and plowed into the lot of Tropical Chevrolet. The resulting carnage took out several brand new Corvette Grand Sport models, including two that will likely be a total loss.

As is often the case in these incidents, the drunk driver escaped serious injury in the crash. From what we can tell, the driver was apprehended post-crash, so at least some sort of justice will be served.

The dealership, located on busy Biscayne Boulevard in Miami Shores, has had run-ins with drunk drivers in the past, too. Four years ago, a Corvette traveling at an estimated 125 miles per hour lost control in front of the dealership, plowing into a line of SUVs.

Judging from the amount of damage inflicted on the Corvettes this time around, we’re guessing that the unnamed vehicle involved may well have been an SUV. If that’s the case, is this irony or balance? You decide.