January Jones

January Jones

Linked is a photo of January Jones exiting a cab on June 9, apparently making the final, wobbly steps of a long Walk of Shame. (Never mind the fact that every walk in public has been a shameful one for Jones since since she hosted SNL. Seriously, there are not words to describe that kind of terribleness.) January's plowing streak continued on June 10, when she skipped the cab service, drove herself around LA, and rammed three parked cars with her Range Rover.

Oh yes: and then she fled the scene.

Witnesses say they could smell alcohol on Jones' breath when she ran the half-block home -- allegedly to call the police. By the time she returned 45 minutes later, she'd freshened up with new clothes and a big wad of chewing gum. We hear there's not going to be a hit-and-run investigation.

What we really wanna know is: what (or who) the devil has gotten into Miss Jones? Because honestly, we can only handle one Lindsay at a time, y'all.

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