Screencap from The Driver trailer

Screencap from The Driver trailer

The second trailer for the animated series The Driver has hit the Web and just like the first one it’s got us hankering for so much more.  

The series, aimed at a slightly older crowd than those that have fallen for car-themed animated movies such as Disney Pixar Cars, follows the story of a mysterious driver out to rid the streets of Los Angeles of illegal street racers, drunk drivers and other delinquents.

Creator Chrison Studios explains that the series aims to showcase the positive aspects of car culture and racing while educating viewers on the dangers and risks associated with the hobby.

The latest episode sees the almost ghostly figure of the series’ central character, who just so happens to drive a blacked-out Nissan GT-R, take down a rather unsavory type driving a modified Nissan 350Z.

There’s still no release date for The Driver, but if you’re into performance cars or the tuner scene and have been hoping for something like The Fast & The Furious but with a focus on actual cars, after watching the latest trailer we bet that date can’t come soon enough.

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