2012 Boss Mustang

2012 Boss Mustang

We've already heard rumors about the 2012 Boss Mustang's production numbers, and now we are getting word regarding pricing for the upcoming pony car.

Mustangs Daily is reporting that the 2012 Boss will check in at around $40,000. The site arrived at this figure after a contest--the Mustang Dream Giveaway, which is giving away matching 1969 and 2012 Boss Mustangs--put the value of the 2012 car at approximately $40,000 in the fine print section of its website. The contest added that the value is approximate, in part because dealers may place a premium above sticker on the car.

That's not surprising, because the car is expected to be in demand, and production will be limited. We should also note that Ford itself hasn't given many hints on the car's price.

If it is around $40,000, that seems like a relative bargain, putting the Boss in between the Mustang GT and the GT500. The few Boss Mustangs that are produced will likely sell quickly.

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