[Ed. note: We haven't been able to install background music here at CelebsAndCars -- mostly because that crap is seriously annoying --  but if you could hum the tune of "Macho Man" while reading this, that would be just great.]

The 2012 election cycle hasn't really geared up in America yet, but to judge from Vladimir Putin's recent antics, it's gone full-tilt-boogie in Mother Russia. Known for the speed with which he can take off his shirt and whip out a fishing pole or manhandle a rifle, Putin opted to go even faster over the weekend as he made 150mph laps in a Formula One racecar in the city of Sochi.  

According to sources, these Manly Man activities are supposed to make Putin seem like the strong, virile leader that Russians crave. Which is fine and innocent and politically savvy, we suppose, but if he starts playing half-naked ping-pong with his hunting buddies, we're gonna have to raise an eyebrow. 

[Yahoo via Marty]