2010 Cadillac SRX

2010 Cadillac SRX

Platform sharing: everyone does it. Some do it better than others. And it looks like Cadillac is soon to engage in a little bit more of it, with a seven-seater Lambda crossover now making the rumor rounds for GM's luxury brand.

The other three GM brands already have their own Lambda: Buick has the Enclave, GMC has the Acadia, and Chevy has the Traverse. We don't know what the Cadillac version will be called, but if it does reach production, it'll be destined to sit above the SRX, so it may partake of some permutation of the that name.

News of the Lambda-lending comes from Karl Stracke, vice president of global engineering, via Inside Line. The word from Stracke: it's a sure thing.

While we'll have to step out on the precarious perch of speculcation to venture a guess at what the Caddy-Lambda crossover might look like, we'll bet it's a larger take on the Art & Science theme that's been making its iterative evolution at the brand for several years now, wrapped around a profile not unlike its corporate cohorts'. As for power and motivation, the standard 3.6-liter direct-injected V-6 is a shoo-in, though IL is hinting that turbocharging may be on the docket as well--perhaps to compete with the likes of the Lincoln MKX and BMW's beefier V-8-powered X5.

Previous hints had laid the groundwork for the replacement of the aging Escalade by a Lambda-platformed vehicle, so that, too, could be a possibility, though we've seen reports from within GM that the Escalade will live on with a body-on-frame platform, possibly leaving the Lambda-based crossover to lot between Escalade and SRX. We'll have to wait and see, but as the project would draw heavily from the corporate parts bin and require essentially just a new face and interior, it could be along by 2011.

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