You're all kitted out in your track-day gear, standing in the pits at Laguna Seca. Entry fees paid, a 2011 SLS AMG awaits your right foot and nerves of steel. What do you do? Play video games, of course!

Or at least you'll be able to. We'd rather do the real thing, but for those so inclined, the Mercedes-AMG Driving Academy is offering trackside demos of Gran Turismo 5 featuring the SLS AMG on the Nordschleife. According to Greg Clark, exclusive vehicle product manager for Mercedes-Benz USA, "The opportunity to compare the realistic Gran Turismo 5 Mercedes demo on the racing sled and then the actual SLS AMG on the track is one that most people will not experience in their lifetime. The demo gives participants a chance to get a realistic feel for the car before they step into the SLS AMG."

That makes sense, in a way, but it seems like a good set of reconnaissance laps at 6/10s would do a lot more good.

The Mercedes-AMG Driving Academy will be hitting Road Atlanta and Laguna Seca with the new 2011 SLS AMG and a host of other AMG cars this year. For more details on the school and all it entails, check out our article here.