Today is a good day for crash videos, but a bad one for racing drivers. First we brought you the cartwheeling MINI that narrowly avoided a compound disaster after it flew into the crowd, and now we have on-board video of Ricardo Teixeira taking an unscheduled flight in a Formula Two car during the second race at Marrakech, Morocco.

The video is from the on-board camera of Paul Rees' car, showing the flying Teixeira launching hundreds of feet at what appears to be well over 100 mph after running into the rear of a car at the entry to a braking zone. Pay close attention to the rear-view inset video to see the launch itself.

As with the miraculous MINI mashup, Teixeira was unhurt in the crash, as was Ivan Samarin, the driver of the car he smashed into then launched over. The cause of the accident appears to be a bit more than a "racing incident" between Samarin and Teixeira: as Teixeira sought to overtake Samarin on the long back straight, Samarin moved to block and apparently braked hard, though he may have been simply slowing for the chicane. Whatever the reason, Teixeira was taken unaware and ... well, watch the video.