Abandon all hope of productivity, ye who enter here. For the next 10 minutes and 51 seconds, anyway. You're about to be sucked into a dark cavern of gear whine, slow traffic, blaring exhaust and wet curves. It's the new BMW Z4 GT3's first lap of the Nurburgring.

From a camera set far back in the cabin, the video shows us the driver, Richard Goransson, wielding his weapon with a relatively relaxed demeanor, the car's twitchy behavior on the slick asphalt and the raw speed the Z4 GT3 uses to outpace just about everything else on course.

Powered by a 4.0-liter V-8 adapted from the M3 GT2 car, the Z4 GT3 rates at 480 horsepower, and with its six-speed sequential (and raucously loud) gearbox, full-race suspension and full-on aerodynamics kit, it's clearly a screamer. Too bad you'll have to go to Europe, or buy the 1,000-channel mega-dish package to see it in action.

[Schubert Racing via YouTube]